Consumer Research


Consumer Survey Studies

Knowledge on voice of consumers allows business to adapt more in its approach to acquire new consumers and retain existing followers. Types of consumers surveys conducted:-

  • Brand Awareness & Perception
  • Brand Satisfaction & Purchase Intent

Focus Group Studies

A qualitative research method that assembles a group of 4-12 people to ask them about their ideas, impressions, perceptions, tastes and feelings about concepts, designs, products, packaging or experiences. The term implies a process for turning such conversations into data. Such knowledge will be helpful in product development as well as pre launch stages.

Competitive Intelligence

The practice of gathering information about competitors, markets, industries, products and customers to support strategic planning and tactical actions. It is mostly focused on identifying threats such as the innovative products of a competitor and opportunities such as an emerging new trend.

What we are focusing?

  • Offline Surveys
  • Digital Surveys
  • Consumer Profiling
  • In-depth Qualitative Studies
    • Focus Group
    • In-depth Face to Face

Market Analytic

  • Internal Data
  • External Publication
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