Organizational Enhancement and HR Services

Take your organization to the next level by implementing proven strategies on talent management, leadership development, organizational restructuring and culture renewal.

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Business Process Improvement

Design and commissioning of marketing analytic tools and processes to enhance business productivity. This frees up clients’ time to focus on delivering detective analysis versus reporting.

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Consumer Research

Undertake quantitative and/or qualitative studies to gain consumer insights on products and services with respect to brand awareness, perception, satisfaction and purchase intent. It allows improved perspectives for better decision-making.

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Ethics and Compliance

The need to institute reforms with respect to integrity is paramount in corporate and governmental bodies. Corporate Governance is important to ensure institutions and businesses operate both ethically and professionally.

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Occupational Safety, Health and Security

Guidance on the implementation of OSH practices within small to medium sized company premises. Scope covers audits and inspection, policy and procedures, training and enforcement.

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