HR Leaders should spend more time on organizational leadership rather than managing HR operations

HR Leaders should spend more time on organizational leadership rather than managing HR operations. Although managing HR operations is essential, HR leaders should strive to devote at least 60% of their time towards organizational leadership. Routine HR chores such as interviewing candidates, delivering training, handling disciplinary issues, etc.,should either be outsourced or handled by subordinate Managers.

The reason is inscrutable. Running HR operations is a management role while driving the organization is quintessential leadership. The manager gets things done correctly, while the leader gets the correct things done. This is the famous phrase that we are so used to when distinguishing between leadership and management. Setting up a perfect HRIS requires expertise while harnessing the diverse and complex relationships of talents in an organization is a strategic effort that requires astute leadership.

I believe CEOs and the Board prefer HR Leaders who are able to address organizational issues strategically and decisively. We know that organizations are an amalgamation of People, Process and Products (or services).  If a business is not delivering, the root cause could either be due to anyone of the three. Although people issues are the domain of HR, it should not deter HR Leaders from understanding the process and products of the business as well. Organizational synergy is achieved when there is a positive interaction of people, process and products. This can only be accomplished when there is a deliberate strategic effort to ensure the right people operate in a simplified process to deliver highly demanded quality products or services.

If a root cause analysis points to people as the source of business decline, HR leaders should not immediately feel guilty of the representation. At times, it could be the process or the product that disables the people from maximizing their potential. For HR Leaders to argue his or her case, the juxtapositioning  of people, process and product has to be fully understood. This seems to assert the call for HR Leaders to be conscientious business leaders as well. Being at the forefront of the business, HR Leaders would be in a formidable position to marshal the cohesion of people, process and product and earn the honorific title of Organizational Leader.

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